Rustam Foods high-tech abattoir-cum-processing plant has capacity to produce 3000 metric tons boneless buffalo meat per month an optimised and effective civil layout which has:

  • - a cutting-edge slaughter-line to ensure the least wastage and top-notch hygiene
  • - avant-garde cold storage and hygienic chiller rooms, blast rooms, and plate freezers to ensure longer shelf-life
  • - a well-equipped, modern laboratory for in house microbiological and chemical tests
  • - a quality control team to overview quality and hygiene standards
  • - an effluent treatment plant and rendering plant that meets international standards
  • - well-trained and qualified, in-house veterinarians for ante-mortem and post-mortem inspection who are supervised by Government veterinarians


The Rustam Foods plant is located on the broad and uncongested Lucknow-Kanpur highway. Away from the airport and residential areas, our plant is situated at a distance from the polluted areas. Also, the land has an adequate drainage system and is free from flooding with sufficient potable and pure groundwater. All this work towards not only healthy, but good quality produce.