Our heritage
Going strong since the 1950s!
"Give to the world, what you want to receive yourselves."

We will serve you what we will eat ourselves. Being consumers of buffalo meat, putting ourselves in our customer's shoes comes naturally to us. This makes assured quality the very first requirement at Rustam Foods to its global clientele. We understand the need for hygienic, frozen halal boneless buffalo meat that is both uncontaminated and disease-free.

Our journey in frozen halal exports began over six decades ago. Founder, Haji Gulam Rasool Qureshi began a buffalo trading business in the middle of the 20th century, in 1957. His connections and network with exporters saw the business grow brick by brick.

His son, Haji Mohammad Saleem Qureshi followed his inspiration and was guided by the same principles of loyalty and quality produce. Over almost 40 years from 1979, the latter has expanded the business after having gradually taken over the management and the finances.

By the Grace of Allah (s.w.t) Rustam Foods continues to grow. From exporting to ALGERIA, BANGLADESH, CONGO, EGYPT, INDONESIA, IRAQ, JORDAN, LEBANON, MYANMAR, OMAN, PAKISTHAN, SAUDI ARABIA, SYRIA, U.A.E, VIETNAM.

Mr. Haji Gulam Rasool Qureshi, Rustam Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Haji Mohhamad Saleem Qureshi, Rustam Foods Pvt. Ltd.


  • - Experience over decades
  • - Expertise from domain professionals
  • - Efficiency from state-of-the-art technology

Put these three together and you, our most valued customer, get the benefits of good management, technical know-how, and latest industry innovations-the perfect mix that serves you the best.

Our experience guides our principles.
At the core of Rustam Foods values is: to provide safe, wholesome, halal buffalo meat. That this meat has to be free of disease and contamination goes without saying. We also ensure quality and a long shelf-life. Our wide assortment of fresh and frozen halal boneless buffalo meat products are in-step with the growing and latest global demands.

Our expertise ensures implementation of our values.
We fulfil the Rustam Foods "quality" promise each time, owing to our advanced know-how in various meat processing areas. We, as a team, have streamlined a process that ensures quality from end-to-end. High-quality control and hygiene standards pervade every stage of our procurement, manufacturing and storage practices. Being up-to-speed with the latest know-how in the industry is one of our top priorities because that is the only way to keep our produce free of new viruses and diseases.

Our efficiency comes from being in touch with innovations
Rustam Foods' modern, integrated abattoir-cum-processing plant makes sure our customers receive value for money. Our plant has facilities that match international standards of processing halal buffalo meat. The plant follows the latest global innovations by integrating the stages of slaughtering, processing, full-fledged rendering, and effluent treatment.

This makes Rustam Foods a trusted and reliable global leader in exports buffalo meat.